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Is your smile dulled and yellow? No worries! You can bring back your smile with a whitening treatment! There are actually many over-the-counter whitening treatments that can brighten your smile – within the walls of your own home.

The first option is whitening toothpaste. These are gentle polishing agents with stain removal features. The paste will usually contain either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide which will gradually whiten the surfaces of your teeth.

The second treatment option is whitening strips. These are thin and almost invisible making it tough for the casual observer to notice them. One side of the strip is covered in a peroxide-based whitening gel that can enhance the yellowed color of your teeth. Just place a whitening strip over your teeth twice a day for 30 minutes each time. Within about two weeks, you should be able to see a visibly whiter smile.

A third choice is whitening gel. Whitening gel is a clear, peroxide-based liquid that you can apply to your teeth with a brush. Each treatment will have specific instructions for giving you the white, bright, and healthy smile you deserve, so make sure you follow them.

When searching for the right brand of any of these products, remember to look for the ADA seal. The American Dental Association only gives its seal to products that have undergone rigorous testing procedures for safety and effectiveness. You may also want to ask Dr. Ambreen Lakhani for his advice on what product to choose.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that these over-the-counter products can only whiten minor surface stains on your teeth. If you have deep stains or want a faster effect, talk to Dr. Ambreen Lakhani about a professional whitening treatment. Just call Meadowbrook Family Dentistry in Duluth, Georgia at 770-622-5909 today.