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If you are on a dental plan, your insurance likely starts over after December 31st. If that is the case for you, remember to utilize your benefits before the end of the year. The fall season is the perfect time to see Dr. Ambreen Lakhani and our dental team in Duluth, Georgia if you have not already gotten dental cleanings and checkups this year.

Using your dental health benefits for preventative is smart, as it is good for your oral health and your pocketbook since most providers pay 100% for preventative care. When you come in during the fall for your end of year care, it gives your dentist enough time to address any oral health issues which are uncovered during your dental checkup, before the busy holiday season begins.

When you are seen by our dentist, you can expect the following during your visit:

-Your overall health will be reviewed along with your current medication schedule.

-Your teeth, gums, and oral tissues will be examined by our dentist and hygienist.

-You will be checked for oral cancer.

-Your teeth will be cleaned and polished.

-All oral hygiene concerns will be addressed, along with any oral conditions detected during your exam.

-X-rays are typically taken yearly unless there are concerns which require more frequent monitoring.

-Should any dental problems be detected, treatment will be recommended. This may include referral to an oral care specialist, running further diagnostics, or scheduling dental visits to receive fillings, crowns, or other appropriate restoration.

You can maximize your returns with your end-of-year dental cleaning. Our Meadowbrook Family Dentistry team is happy to help you determine which dental treatments are covered by your plan. Dr. Ambreen Lakhani looks forward to helping you maintain your healthy smile in Duluth, Georgia all year round!