Dr. Ambreen Lakhani uses air abrasion to quickly and painlessly remove decay from your teeth. This new technology makes treating your cavities and preparing you for restorative treatments more comfortable than ever before! Call Meadowbrook Family Dentistry today at 770-622-5909 to make your appointment with our talented dentist and learn more about air abrasion in Duluth, Georgia.

Many people associate the high-pitched whirring of a dental drill with pain. The sound alone can make people cringe. With air abrasion, this is no longer a problem! Air abrasion is a relatively new technique that uses powerful particles of aluminum oxide to remove debris and decay from your mouth. Air abrasion is painless, and in some cases, doesn’t even require an anesthetic!

Air abrasion leaves behind a gritty feeling in your mouth, which can be rinsed away almost instantaneously using a small suction device.

Air abrasion can also be used to fix tiny cracks and imperfections on your tooth. Although this technology is not suitable for work on crowns and bridges, it is often used to prepare teeth for bonding procedures, and tooth restorations involving composite dental fillings.

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