Meadowbrook Family Dentistry provides TMJ treatments for patients who are experiencing problems with their jaw joints. These problems are characterized by clicking or popping sounds when opening and closing the mouth, and are often accompanied by frequent headaches, neck aches, and in some cases, tooth sensitivity. Call us today at 770-622-5909 to learn more about TMJ treatments in Duluth, Georgia, and schedule your appointment with Dr. Ambreen Lakhani.

People who grind their teeth can develop serious problems with their jaw, which can adversely affect their teeth, gums, and the bone structures of their mouths. One of the most common jaw disorders is related to the temporomandibular joint, which connects the lower jaw to your skull and allows your upper and lower jaw to open and close, facilitating chewing and speaking.

Minor cases of TMJ disorders involve discomfort or pain in the jaw muscles. More serious conditions include improperly aligned joints or dislocated jaws. The most severe stage of TMJ disorders involves an arthritic condition of the jaw joint. TMJ dysfunctions can also be caused by traumatic injuries.

If you have a TMJ disorder, our dentist may recommend muscle relaxants, aspirin, biofeedback, or wearing a small plastic appliance in your mouth while asleep. In some cases, jaw surgery may be required to correct the problem. When you visit our practice, we will carefully evaluate the severity of your TMJ disorder and your overall oral health to determine the best treatment for you.

For more information about TMJ disorders and treatments, and to schedule your consultation with our dentist, contact our practice today.