Wisdom teeth frequently cause problems when they begin to erupt, including crowding, improper bites, and even infection. Dr. Ambreen Lakhani offers wisdom teeth removals in Duluth, Georgia, to help you maintain a healthy bite and beautiful smile. We invite you to call Meadowbrook Family Dentistry at 770-622-5909 to schedule your appointment with our dentist and learn more about wisdom teeth removals.

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars to erupt in the back corners of the upper and lower mouth. In many cases, they erupt too close to existing permanent teeth, causing a plethora of dental problems such as crowding and bad bites. In some cases, your wisdom teeth may be impacted, meaning that they have failed to erupt properly. Impacted wisdom teeth can be extremely painful and harmful to your oral health. Symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth include:

  • Facial Swelling
  • Infection
  • Pain or severe discomfort
  • Gum selling
  • Inflammation

Most people need to have their wisdom teeth extraction to prevent dental problems both now and in the future. The lack of wisdom teeth does not hamper your ability to bite, speak, or chew in any way.

To learn more about wisdom teeth extractions and schedule your consultation with our dentist, please contact our practice today.