Meadowbrook Family Dentistry offers IV sedation to help you feel comfortable during your procedure. This sedation treatment is usually provided in the form of a tranquilizing agent. Patients who receive IV sedation are often awake, but very relaxed. Please call us at 770-622-5909 to learn more about IV sedation in Duluth, Georgia, and make your appointment with Dr. Ambreen Lakhani.

IV (intravenous) sedation is a conscious sedation treatment, meaning that you will remain awake during your dental procedure. However, some patients feel so relaxed after receiving this sedation treatment that they fall asleep. This sedation option provides medication directly to your bloodstream to help you relax, though you will be aware of where you are and able to follow instructions provided by our dentist.

If you are considering IV sedation, our dentist will meet with you prior to your procedure in a consultation. We will discuss with you your medical history, dental needs, and other relevant factors to determine if IV sedation is a good option for you. IV sedation is generally very safe, but if you receive this treatment, we will monitor you carefully throughout your entire procedure to ensure that there are no complications.

You will need to bring someone with you to your appointment to drive you home afterward. We also recommend that you have someone remain with you for a few hours following your treatment, as you may be a little disoriented.

If you have questions about IV sedation, and to schedule your consultation with our caring dentist, please contact our practice.