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If you find yourself feeling nervous and anxious when the time for your next scheduled dental appointment comes around, take heart. You are not alone! Statistics show that 30 million to 40 million Americans experience fear or anxiety when visiting their oral health provider. As you can see, you are in good company.

Thankfully, Dr. Ambreen Lakhani and our dental team have a lot of experience helping patients deal with dental anxiety. So not only are you not alone, but our staff is experienced with helping our patients have the most pleasant experience possible. However, while people often use the terms dental anxiety and dental phobia interchangeably, they aren’t the same thing. Check it out:

Dental Anxiety: People experiencing general dental anxiety feel an underlying sense of uneasiness when it’s time to come in for treatment and exaggerated worries will not be unusual. However, this means their time in the chair will be stressful.

Dental Phobia: With a dental phobia, this type of dread is more pronounced than simple generalized dental anxiety. The intense fear the patient feels results in feeling panic. And the worst part about dental phobia is that patients dread it so much they avoid getting the treatment they need to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Not only does this impact their oral health but their self-esteem as well.

If you have trouble breathing when your dental team is working on you, or you find yourself unable to sleep the night before your procedure, please let our team know. Our dentist, Dr. Mark Rowe, is pleased to offer analgesics and anesthesia to help lower and even eliminate pain and discomfort during and after your dental treatment.

Letting us know beforehand means we can help you have a relaxing, pleasant procedure. We invite you to give our Meadowbrook Family Dentistry team in Duluth, Georgia a call at 770-622-5909 before your next treatment and give us a heads up. Dr. Ambreen Lakhani looks forward to helping you tackle your dental anxiety by creating a positive atmosphere!